3 Reasons Why You Must Take AP Tests Before Entering College

AP Tests are an important juncture in the lives of all students. Although they are not the be-all and end-all of High School life, they do dictate which courses and where you will study, thus shaping your future career. Hence, it is always wise to take enough time, consult with your teachers and carefully choose which AP Tests to take. Good grades in these tests can give a good boost to your college education and future career. Although they are not mandatory, let us now take a look at 3 Reasons why you must take AP tests before entering college.

Free College Credits:

If not to get admitted into the college and course of your choice, this is one of the most important reasons why you should take AP Tests. Most colleges in the United States and Canada grant you college credits based on your AP Test grades. This means that if you secure enough college credits through your AP tests, you can essentially skip a whole host of basic freshman courses in College. This will give you plenty of free-time that you can use for a whole host of different things. You can take up advanced courses in your Freshman year and progress through your college education much more quickly than your peers. This will allow you to graduate quickly so that you can seek early admission to masters programs. If you’re not interested in taking up advanced courses right in your freshman year, you can try and get a part-time job to make use of the extra free-time in college.

Gain a Good First Impression from College Professors:

Most college Professors get a copy of your AP Test scores sent to them when you apply to take their course. This means that they can already form a good impression about you just by looking at your excellent AP Test grades. This will benefit you in several ways and help you build a good rapport with the professor. College students will tell you that this is extremely important and can help you out in more ways than you can imagine.

Get Internships:

Most companies and workplaces will take a look at your AP Test grades when you go seek internship opportunities. A great score in one of the subjects related to their field will go a long way in helping you secure that internship opportunity easily. These internships can be extremely valuable and come in handy when you apply for admission to the top schools in the country.